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Healing Days

Nago City is a popular tourist located destination in the northern part of Okinawa's main island and known as the gateway to the Yanbaru region, which offers an abundance of untouched natural settings. Access to the island's main tourist attractions such as the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium--a must-see on a trip to Okinawa--is also excellent. In a place blessed by its natural surroundings from land and sea, you and your friends can treat yourselves to a bit of girls-only luxury at our resorts here. We offer packages sure to appeal to women, with activities that allow you to enjoy fine dining, spa time, and beautiful views to your heart's content. Let's see what it's like to spend a moment of supreme bliss that will give you the energy for tomorrow.

Superb wake-up yoga to experience Okinawa's natural environment with your whole body

I stayed a luxury hotel with a very appealing ocean view facing Nago Harbor. This is a fine resort that has an adult audience in mind. I stayed overnight at the hotel, and first thing the next morning I checked out the yoga program. Wiping the sleep from bleary eyes, I headed to the hotel's yoga space to discover the blue seas stretching out before my eyes! In this beautiful setting, the session began with simple poses that even yoga beginners could handle.

I savor the sense of openness that the seashore provides as you absorb the fresh morning air throughout your body. With each breath, the power of the sun charges me up for the day. Looking up into the sky as you do the triangle pose, I'm struck by how unspeakably beautiful the blue skies are. I take a moment to relax and absorb the tranquil setting surrounded by seas and skies. Bathing in the gentle light of the day soothes my soul. As the sunlight gradually grows fuller, I feel that bit by bit my body has also gradually woken up. My mind is refreshed, and it really feels like the start of an invigorating day. Finally, I take to the ground with a comforting pose and yield to my body.

No one makes you strain to do the yoga poses and you can go about it within the limits of you're capable, so though I had been worried about my body being stiff even someone like me wins approval for my efforts. I had noticed that my shoulders and back are usually stiff, and I was able to stretch out my body in a way that felt good. Doing yoga in the sea breeze amid the sound of the waves is the ultimate luxury with being able to come into direct contact with Okinawa's natural environment.

Introducing the golf course of your dreams with a view of the sea!

Until now, golf was a sport I always thought had a high threshold for me. There are many golf courses in Okinawa that also offer excellent scenery, but when I heard that you could enjoy a round of golf in a resort atmosphere I decided that this trip was my chance to give it a try. For my memorable first round, I picked a hotel that also had a golf course said to have beautiful views. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium was also nearby.

I arrived around noon so I decided to have lunch at a hotel restaurant. The atmosphere was spacious thanks to one of the walls being a huge window. The East China Sea spread out before me at eye level, and looking down I could see the green of the course. While taking in the view, I enjoyed a healthy lunch that included some acerola grown in Motobu Town. Once my belly was full, it was time to hit the links. Since I was a beginner, I opted for the half round that could be completed in about two hours. Even though I had to rent clubs and shoes, the fact that the price was still reasonable made the course an attractive option. For clothing, you were free to opt for polo shirts and other resort-type casual outfits. The fact that you can even show up empty-handed and rent what you need allows you to be at ease in enjoying a round.

Wrapped up in the majesty of nature, this course covering a space roughly equivalent to eight Tokyo Domes comprises a carpet of beautifully tended green. The location is a splendid one where the seas sparkling just beyond. Once I loosened my shoulders up with a few gentle practice swings, it was time to set my sights on sending the ball off with a full swing that I fancied might even put it into the sea! Swinging with this beautiful natural settings before me left me speechless with exhilaration. Playing golf surrounded by tropical flora that I don't normally see and with a pleasant south wind blowing was fun beyond anything I had imagined! Of course I was still terrible, but I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself trying out golf and felt like I had added something else to my adult experience.

The supreme bliss of a spa treatment on the way to beautiful skin

After getting my fill of physical activity for the day and getting sweated up, it was time to head back to the hotel to visit the spa for some leisurely recovery. First, I spoke with spa staff about the four varieties of body pack treatments they offer, which use such ingredients as seaweed and sea mud. I chose a pack that would apply the minerals from seaweed to my skin. Since this was my first time to visit a hotel spa and I was completely unfamiliar with the options available to me, so I hadn't really decided which of the spa menus to choose. However, the staff were able to suggest a menu for me to address my skin and body concerns, so I could leave myself in their capable hands with peace of mind.

The treatment rooms place an emphasis on privacy, and they are relaxed and airy spaces. I received a gentle treatment, while the packs spread around my body gradually warmed me. Furthermore, you lie on a water bed filled with warm water, which adds to the feeling, and you can sense the minerals in it suffusing through your body. Thanks to everything the ocean provided, after the treatment my body felt moistened and smooth! My skin no longer looked dull, the tone of the color in my face improved, my legs that had become sore from golfing were refreshed, and on the whole I experienced a sense of extreme relaxation that I just can't get on any ordinary day.

Pursuing beauty for both body and soul

Finally, it was time to get dinner at this hotel where the cuisine they offer has both the health and beauty of its guests in mind. You take in meals whose aim is to be healthy to both body and soul in an elegant space filled with the sounds of the waves. The hotel chefs use a variety of clever means in wielding their culinary skills to serve up low-calorie and low-sugar dishes that won't abruptly raise your blood sugar count. The entrees and courses use seasonal ingredients with excellent nutritional value. The main players are local foods such as prized fishes caught in local waters, Yanbaru spring chicken raised on local herbs, shequasar rich in vitamin C, and the like. The colorful and refined offerings etched a fantastic memory of the trip into my mind. Taking this wonderful trip to Okinawa where I was relieved from the this-and-that of work and day-to-day living really felt like I had rewarded myself for everything I try to do all the time. Having a spent this day of true luxury that satisfied both body and soul, I feel like I'm ready to start again tomorrow with new spirit.

Special Thanks

    • the Terrace Club at Busena

      We are a resort hotel located at Cape Busena, one of the most scenic locations in the prefecture. With a sense of hospitality that embodies the spirit of wellness, our facility delivers on the promise of highly satisfying holidays. Combining superior comfort with superior quality, we satisfy the desire for the beauty of a healthy beauty in an atmosphere of luxury.

      Address: 1750, Kise, Nago city, Okinawa Prefecture

    • Motobu Green Park Hotel

      Our course skillfully incorporates the luxuriant natural environment, and can be enjoyed by everyone from the beginner to the experienced golfer. Another attraction is that you can take in your rounds dressed casually wearing T-shirts, shorts, and sneakers. Same-day reservations are also accepted provided there are openings, so please visit us at your leisure.

      Address: 509 , Nakadomari, Kumejima-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa Prefecture
      Website: https://www.terrace.co.jp/clubatbusena/

      * Prices are accurate as of the date of the report (December 2018). Please contact each organization for details of their programs.