Tour the Island at Your Own Pace with Okinawa Sightseeing Maranic! Okinawa & Running


Maranic is a running style that offers the unique combination of running a marathon and having a picnic. Visit tourist attractions during your run, and savor local delights for lunch and tea time while resting your feet. Experience Okinawa with this relaxed and leisurely running style!

COURSE A: Tour Quaint Historic Town Shuri - Central Naha City 10.4 kilometers

This course allows you to stroll around the old castle town area surrounding Shuri Castle. Proceed at a relaxed pace, enjoying the unique atmosphere of the historic sites you visit here and there on your way.

The course starts at Yui Rail Makishi Station. From here it goes along Prefectural Road 29, heading towards Shuri Castle. The old streets of Shuri with their rows of red-tiled homes are particularly evocative.

There are many fascinating points along the route including the Kinjo-cho Stone Pavement reminiscent of the Ryukyu Kingdom period, Ryutan Pond with its beautiful scenery, Sashikasahija, a spiritual healing site well-known amongst locals, and a brewery where you can learn how Awamori is made. Since Shuri Castle is on a hill, there are many undulations along this running trail, but the breathtaking vistas of Naha City from within the gardens of Shuri Castle are sure to dispel your fatigue.

Flanked by traditional Okinawa soba restaurants, traditional confectionery shops, bakeries and cafés, this running course is perfect for replenishing your energy with the very best of Shuri gourmet cuisine.

COURSE B: An Aggressive Run! Run Next to the Airplanes in Toyosaki - Senaga Island 9.6 kilometers

Make a round trip from Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach to Senaga Island. This running course is close to Naha Airport, and you can watch airplanes taking off and landing from up close, making it popular with sightseeing runners.

Toyosaki Marine Park next to Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach has essential facilities, so you can get changed and have a shower. With plenty of free parking, it's an ideal start and goal. From the beach, the course crosses a flat landfill area then follows the Tomigusuku road.
The unbroken view from the top of the bridge is captivating.

Senaga Island has some of the most picturesque scenery in southern Okinawa. It's on the south side of Naha Airport, and the big planes fly in right overhead.

It's also famous as a spot for watching the sunset, and on weekends, locals come here to relax and have fun. On the island there is a shop selling local products from Tomigusuku.

In Toyosaki, there's a huge outlet mall, shopping center, and Michi-no-eki roadside station that are worth dropping in for a look.